How to Measure Logistics Performance

Logistics is the application of physical resources, procedures, and management practices to move items from supplier to customer. This can be done in various ways, from man-powered transport to computer-operated systems. This blog will look at several different ways in which logistics performance can be measured and the best way to measure it.

Sam Arora

2/3/2021 1 min read

What is Logistics performance, and why does it matter?

Logistics performance can be defined as the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics activities. It is key to any company's success because it maximizes value to the customer with minimum cost.

How do you measure Logistics performance?

There are many different ways in which to measure logistics performance. Here are some ways to measure Logistics performance:

On Time Delivery

This is a measure of how accurately orders are filled and how quickly they were delivered. This will allow the company to understand if orders are arriving on time, and this can also help find problem areas within a company's supply chain.

Transportation Cost

Understanding the cost of transporting items from one place to another is important for logistics performance. This will allow the company to understand if they are being overcharged for transportation by their supplier or making more money on items being transported more often.

On-time Quality

This measures how consistently products meet quality assurance standards, regardless of where they are manufactured. This is also a good measure of how well a company can distribute and track its products.

Customer Satisfaction

This is an overall measure of how well the customer service department and shipments are meeting the customers' needs. This will determine if customers are being shipped items on time, getting what they ordered and if employees have been friendly during interactions.


Logistics performance is significant to any company. It ties into an overall strategy and can tell the company where they are succeeding and failing. Companies should always be looking at ways of improving their logistics performance.




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