4 Tips to Effectively Stock Your Business

As a business owner, it's up to you to ensure that your business is stocked with the right products to help your business succeed. However, stocking your business is an arduous task and one that requires a lot of attention. This blog will look at 4 tips you can use to stock your business effectively.

Jenna F.

9/14/2021 1 min read

1. Know Your Business

If you don't know your business needs, how do you expect to stock them? For example, your deli may require ham and salami for $5 footlongs but not hoagies because they sell so well. The taco shop may need large batches of ground beef for burritos but not tacos.

2. Know Your Products

Secondly, you need to know your products. If you don't know how often you go through specific products, why would you keep buying them? For example, if you're a Chinese restaurant and you don't know how many orders of fried rice and potstickers you go through on a typical Sunday, then you might find yourself running out.

3. Know Your Suppliers

Thirdly, you need to know your suppliers. If your supplier doesn't have the product when you need it, what good is it? For example, if your supplier doesn't have a product for rush orders when you need them, you can't keep all of your customers happy.

4. Know Your Prices

Finally, you need to know your prices. If you don't know what your suppliers are selling their items for, why would they ever sell to you? For example, if your supplier tells you that their hoagie rolls are going for $0.60 a piece, but you find them online at another supplier for $0.55 a piece, then why would the first supplier want to sell to you?

The bottom line:

Stocking your business takes money and time. Don't waste your money and time on things you don't need. Know your business, know your products, know your suppliers, and know your prices to save time and money.




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